* Fixes
* postgres libs updated
* Option to change font for QueryEditor

-A bugfix when generating sqlquery


-MsSql: Stable dblib put back to package because the current one has problems with varbinary fields

-DatabaseCloner: Improvements in CopyData (tested from Mssql to MySql,Firebird,Sqlite)

-Other bugfixes


-Show another progressbar for rows when copying data (DatabaseCloner)

-New: Holding Ctrl and clicking on a word in queryeditor: if it’s a tablename or a procedurename will open table deisnger or execute procedure dialog
-Fix: Caret position info
-Fix: committing transaction when sql query didn’t return a resultset
-Fix: Procedure names added back to Autocomplete list
-Fix: Now you can connect to MySql with Sqldb too. It was limited to Zeos only


SQLite improvements:

-Sqlite foreign key extraction from ddl [AsSqliteMetadata]
-Better field type mapping when cloning to Sqlite from other database types [sqlite]
-New data types added for Sqlite3: varchar,datetime[sqlite]
-Fix field length [AsSqliteMetadata]


-Improvements in cloning to Sqlite (creates constraints,better data type mappings)
-Added option to create or not the foreign key constraints
-Added option to copy data (experimental)
Note: except for Sqlite, constraints will be created after copying data. When you have
constraints in your source db when cloning to sqlite, expect failure in copy data.

-Firebird embedded libraries included

-TableList in UI changed to Treeview with expandable table items
-Changed some colors
-Icon(s) changed

…and bugfixes



-PostgreSQL support


-Help added (basic descriptions of features), accessible through MainMenu->Help
-Row/Col cursor position of active tab displayed in the statusbar
-FormatQuery added (very basic)
-NewConnection for each opened tab (so execution threads won’t interfere with other tabs’ connections)
-Execution time info and record count in statusBar is updated according to tab’s last execution time, when tab is changed
-Ability to stop execution of active tab’s query
-TableDesigner shows if a column is autonumber/identity

-Commiting updates when data was being edited through table->RightClick->”Open” into new tab
-Autocomplete items (reading table aliases in query editor) when loading session and generating query
-Database Cloner re-enabled (some testing done with mssql’s AdventureWorks sampel db, converting it between different database types)

-Fix AsDbForm: AsDbSpinEdit  didn’t work with negative values and with mssql decimal types

-Fixed column length not showing in table designer
-Fixed memory leaks
-In AsDbForm added new db-aware control (numeric up down) for numbers


-Some memory leak fixes


-When connecting to Oracle the default selected dbEngine is Zeos because sqldb has some problems with blob fields.

-Fix: Copy Selected Rows as SQL Insert Script (on context menu of queryTab grid) caused application to crash

-Fix: DataImporter was broken after refactorings
-Fix: Preview Image fields on DblClick on queryTab result grid didn’t work
-Fix: there was a memory leak in FileTypeDetector (used fro Blob field filetype detection and preview)


-Critical bugfixes

-A memory leak fix
-Fix for SQLDB’s TMSSQLConnection “Error 20019 : Attempt to initiate a new Adaptive Server operation with results pending” (happened


-Bugfixes: After running a query multiple times repeatedly,it threw an unhandled exception
-BugFix ConnectionForm: When server couln’t be found, unhandled exception occured in listing databases
-Printing query result now displays from tablename as report title when possible instead of tab caption


-BugFix ConnectionForm: When server couln’t be found, unhandled exception occured in listing databases
-Printing query result now displays from tablename as report title when possible instead of tab caption

-Refactorings, one connection used everywhere
-Performance Tuning


-Added Load/Save Session (Query History)
-Saves queries of tabs when disconnecting from server or closing LazSqlX and reloads them on connect
-Added Clean Session History on main menu under File

-Fix QueryDesigner: drag&drop from field of one table to a field in another table was causing app to hang
-Fix Find&Replace Dialogs were accessible even after disconnect thus ‘causing access violation when used because of no activetab was available

-Query result printing ability (resize columns as you want them to appear in report)
-AsDbForm printing (with the ability to resize/ show/hide grid columns as you want them to appear in lazReport)
-FindReplace dialog
-MainMenu Search item added for Find&Replace dialogs
-RunProcedure dialog now returns text and excecution goes through active tab
-Trigger info can now be viewed in DesignTable

-New: Open table as Form (more user friendly data editing )


–  fixed some memory leaks
– cosmetic/layout
– File import auto mapping of field names; less memory use for large file import

– When selecting firebird database type on connectionForm, it didn’t allow to specify host name and port number (fix)

-Other bugfixes
-create /drop table fix (operations according to selected dbengine)
-connect/disconnect improvement

-Some bugfixes and improvements

– MsSql icon changed

-Optionally connect to databases using two different database engines (sqldb or zeos). They don’t always behave the same so you choose the other one if you have problems with the first one. In other words, one that meets your needs better.
-Fix: data exporters where accidentally disabled


– More stability improvements

-DataImport tool improved
-autocomplete improved (using same connection for fieldnames)
-zip archive added (in case setup.exe fails)


-Query Execution with Firebird runs with SQLDB (new)

-Bugfix: Autocomplete wouldn’t invoke when pressing “.” after tablename or aliasname.



– Query Execution runs with SQLDB for MsSql,Oracle and Sqlite (except for Firebird and MySql). Expected result: Much more stability and improvement.

– Sqlite returns descriptive execution erros now

-Guid fields are displayed correctly in a DbGrid when connected to MsSql,Oracle (using sqldb)

– some improvements and bugfixes in select query generation

– some improvements in autocompletion

– Query Execution now works as a thread


-UI Tweaks

– TMemo field displays as text on DBGrid

– Grid PopUpMenu: SelectAll DBGridRows

– LoadingIndicator when queries are being executed

– Syntax Check (experimental, it works for simple syntaxes, otherwise returns some syntax error, though there may not be any)

-QuickSearch improvements (on tables and procedures)

-Connection for MsSQL fix (if db name contained special chars)
+ Data Importer (import data from delimited text file)
+Script Create Table
– Bug fixes

+ Allow zooming of text in editor while scrolling mouse wheel while ctrl is pressed
– Fix GenerateProcedure for SelectItem
– Fix procedure list in FireBird
– Fix Running Procedure with GUI Helper for MySql,Firebird,MsSql (right-click procedure name and then “Run”)

*Known issues
– Procedures in Oracle cannot be executed

+ Added Firebird database support;

– Bugfixes

+Added Recent Connections Feature (up to 10 last connections used listed)

+Added Advanced properties for Connection (in connection dialog)



+ Added a feature called Database Cloner (*partially tested for all directions except others to oracle)

+ Ora libs shipped with setup are now of instantclient-basiclite-nt-, which explains the doubled size of the setupFixes:
– last connection saved to temp (to avoid special permissions for running)

– running under special permission removed
– Fixed a bug where fields containing spaces caused an exception to occur when viewing table informations and/or adding table in query designer

– Fixed a bug where Run Procedure with GUI helper in procedureList wouldn’t execute for Oracle, raising an exception.

* Known Issues:    Run Procedure for MySql (with GUI Helper) still doesn’t work (the exception occurs in zeos dataset component, FetchOneRow function, so I’ll wait for some fixes)


-Fixed a bug  for MsSql mode, when opening TableData wouldn’t allow editing data in the grid

-Fixed a bug where copy rows didn’t copy data properly if they contained GUID fields (MsSql)


-Fixed a bug where if selecting more than 4 rows in a grid, Copy As Sql Insert Script didn’t work


+Added Query Designer feature to create queries by drag*drop fields from one table to another, selected table then GenerateQuery with all relations and select fields chosen by user.

-Bugfixes: Fixed some bugs where Autocomplete feature didn’t work after hitting Enter, and after pasting text from other editor.


+Added ‘Show SP Text’ on PopupMenu of procedureList. This functin shows definition of stored procedure. Works for MsSql,Oracle and partially on MySql 

+Moved Run Stored Procedure to new PopupMenu of ProcedureList


-Fixed a bug on automcomplete (when dot was pressed while autocomplete was visible)


+Added stored procedure names in autocomplete and some other tweaks for SPs


+Added constraint (FK) edit (Add,drop) – MsSql,MySql,Oracle

+Added Index Edit (Add,Drop) – MsSql,MySql,Oracle

+Added Copy Selected Rows As SqlInsert


-Bugfix: Query Editor: Autocomplete (search filter) didn’t work properly on fieldnames


-Bugfix, autogenerate queries for Oracle, used to make aliases with ” ”


–  Bugfix ‘open table data’ not working


-Fixed some autocomplete issues when table and columns, contained spaces (navision tables suck!)

+Added a quick generate select all, when double clicking a table on table list.


– Fixed opening table data, when tablename contained spaces (in MsSql)

+ Added Variable Suggestion and Completion in query editor.


+Grid->  1. Copy Selected Field as text; 2. Copy Selected Rows as text;  3 . Copy All as text=> You can paste into Excel Sheet .


+Line numbers, text modification indicator (yellow) on numbar

-Bugfix, now stored procedure generation should work.