This tool was built out of the need for small portable fast Sql Manager for different platforms.

LazSQLX is a tool for DB Developers, and supports  MsSQL, Oracle, MySql, Sqlite, Firebird and PostgreSql

Here are some features: Query Execute, DataModify, DataExport as JSON,RTF,CSV,XML, Insert Sql Script, Blob fields editable (Load and save of binaries-preview image if it’s of popular image format, double-click on grid-field (blob), to view), Blob filetype detection, Rightclick on Table to see more options/features, Run procedures(dynamic form for procedure exec, this currently works for mssql only) Basic Create/edit/drop tables (field edit,constraints edit,indexes edit), Query Designer for building queries by using drag&drop visually, Custom copy rows from grid, all,selected (while CTRL holding), Copy Grid Rows compatible to paste in excel file, Copy Grid Rows as SQl Insert Script

More features are coming

Any bug report should be addressed in lazsqlx@gmail.com

Connect with us in twitter @lazsqlx

LazSqlX is powered by Lazarus IDE and FPC compiler (http://lazarus.freepascal.org/)