Other Software

LazFileTextSearch LazFileTextSearch

Full text search on files on your Windows PC

 WatchdogTaskManagerLiteIcon2 LazWatchDog

A windows utility for starting certain processes automatically, and also a task-killer according to cpu and/or memory usage (configurable)

HideMyFile   Hide My File

Utility for hiding/unhiding files in picture files

IconImage  LazWinServiceMgr  

WinUtility for managing windows services

Mp3FileRenamer   Mp3FileRenamer

Utility for renaming Mp3 Files from ID3 Tag and vice versa

Iconimage   WinShaver

Windows Cleanup Utility

WordReplacerLZ   WordReplaceLZ

Utility that batch replaces words in text files

IconImage     FPC Cross Compiler Maker

Dev Utility for Lazarus Developers for crosscompiler generation

ProcessKiller   LazProcessKiller

Utility for windows for killing win processes at given interval

IconImage   DotNet Patcher

Windows Utility for patching .NET Assemblies